Cluster Universities in Karnataka

Cluster universities is to consolidate and optimally utilize human and infrastructural resources of various colleges, universities and research institutes in a city or an area notified by the executive decision of the government.
By Edunews Team


The idea of the scheme Cluster universities was first announced in the union budget for 2021-22. These universities work under the 2021 Glue Grant scheme. Glue Grant is a scheme to monitor and conduct joint operations between the industries and academic institutions. A few steps towards greater synergy between institutes have been taken and Rs 20 crore was allocated for the Glue Grant scheme in 2021 and 2022. The grants will:

1.  Reform the academic curriculum as per the requirement of the professional world and produce better human resources.

2.  Integrate the educational and professional domains of the country

3.  Funding in the educational sector to link the academic institutions with the industrial demand.

4.  Create a sustainable partnership between multidisciplinary institutions in order to promote development that benefits the whole nation.

The cluster universities will create formal umbrella structures so that these institutions can have better synergy, besides retaining their internal autonomy. A `glue grant` will be set aside for this purpose.

Cluster University of Srinagar (C-U, CUS) is a collegiate first-state cluster university located in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, India. It is a cluster of five colleges of Srinagar city, established under an initiative of the centrally sponsored scheme, Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). RUSA was launched in 2013 and it aims at providing strategic funding to eligible state higher educational institutions. It will have continuation till 31st March.2026 or till further review, whichever is earlier. Components of RUSA would create new universities through the upgradation of existing autonomous colleges and conversion of colleges into a cluster. It would create new model degree colleges, and new professional colleges and provide infrastructural support to universities and colleges.

In Karnataka, there are 3 cluster universities established by the state government under the Act of state legislation. They are Maharani’s cluster university, Bangalore; Mandya Cluster university, Mandya; and Nripathunga University Bangalore.

1. Maharani’s cluster university: It is established in 2018-19 in the heart of the city having 6.5 acres.   It was established as Maharani’s College, a residential college for women offering higher education to women till 1948. The Home Science College was carved out in 1964 across the road while in 1975 Maharani’s Arts College was set up in a new neighboring building on the same campus.

 It is a part of the state government concept of a group of institutions upgraded as non- affiliating Cluster University as per RUSA.  3 colleges have been united together to form a cluster of universities. 

a.  Maharani’s College for Arts and Science

b. Maharani’s college for  Commerce and Management

c. Maharani’s college for Science and Home Science

2. Mandya Cluster University:  It is the second cluster university established by the state government in 2019. Mandya varsity will be developed as a model institution. This university is comprised of Government College for Arts and Science for Boys, Government College for Arts and Science for Women, and Government College for Commerce and Management.

3. Nripathunga University, Bangalore:    Government Science College was established 1st of April 1921 by the visionary foresight of the erstwhile Maharaja (King) of Mysore, His Highness Shri Nalvadi Krishna raja Wodeyar. The institution has grown from a modest intermediate college offering undergraduate courses, post-graduate courses, and research programs. This college became Nrupathunga University in 2020. The University is committed to catering quality education to the needy sections of society and pursuing global standards of excellence in all endeavors by raising standards of human relations through engaged knowledge building in Science while inculcating a culture of inclusion and positive values and high ethical standards. 

All the newly established cluster universities in the state have been advised not to be a `burden` on the government, as enjoy autonomy. The area of operation is limited so also operation. The cluster universities offer UG, PG, and Ph.D. programs in tune with National Education Policy2020. The universities having Vice-chancellors and other statutory officials can carry on the academic activities and community developmental activities for the well-being of the stakeholders.