Pursue your education at DAKSHA & GETS ACADEMY, safe from Covid-19

Admission started at Daksha and GETS Academy, safe from Covid-19
By Aaron Dmello


Indian education system though considered to be one among the best in the world, is dominated by classroom, face-to-face interaction for effective transfer of knowledge and understanding. Online studies are still in the nascent stage, necessitating cost-effective communication technologies, a conducive home environment, and skills for the teacher in presentation and interaction with the students, both in the urban and the rural settings.

India has the world’s second-largest school system, after China. As estimated by UNESCO, 63 million teachers were affected in 165 countries. A total of 1.3 billion learners around the world were not able to attend schools or universities, and approximately 320 million learners are affected in India alone.

The lockdown has had a tremendous impact on the education system of the country, especially for students from rural areas. Since the Indian education system is dominated by classroom study, the present scenario has made the functioning of educational institutions very difficult. Numerous teachers, non-teaching support staff, housekeeping, security, and maintenance staff that support in keeping institutions and the campuses running are finding it difficult to support the livelihood of their families.

Students are in a severe state of stress and anxiety as online classes are not that effective as traditional classroom learning. In order to ensure that the students have assimilated the study material, teachers still have to revise the chapters taught online when they return and before they face the assessments and exams.  Students, as social beings, are deprived of their social interaction and healthy growth.

Many universities and schools around the world and in States within our country that have witnessed the crisis due to Covid –19 have given a nod to reopen the regular schooling facilities to enhance the students in the act of learning. Prevention is better than cure, likewise, the institutions have taken good preventive and precautionary measures recommended by WHO and concerned Health Departments of both the Central and the State Governments to keep the virus at bay.

Daksha & Gets Academy promoted by Global Educational Trust Mysuru, is primarily a cosmopolitan residential campus with separate hostel blocks for girls and boys, providing PUC Science and Commerce & Degree College for B.COM and BBA with honors programs affiliated with the University of Mysuru.

The institution has a dedicated health center with a dedicated and qualified nurse, taking care of the required precautionary measures to maintain and monitor health, hygiene, and sanitation, as necessary.

The institution is eager to resume operations with due compliance with the stipulated SOPs of State/Central Governments. All advisories and recommendations of WHO and Ministry of Health Department of the Country and the State, as issued from time to time, will duly be complied with.

All the staff of DAKSHA & GETS ACADEMY, are vaccinated and measures are being initiated and coordinated to ensure the societies around are vaccinated. A heightened self-awareness to practice physical distancing, to wear masks particularly when in close contact with people, and periodically sanitize frequently used surroundings, is vehemently practiced.